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Host: Angeline Roles

Guest: Joanine Leinbach

Air date: Jul 05, 2018


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Host: Angeline Roles

Guest: Candace McGuire

Air date: Jun 28, 2018


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Host: Angeline Roles

Guest: Kylie Mayfield

Air date: Apr 26, 2018

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Host: Angeline Roles

Guest: Sarah St. Martin

Air date: Apr. 27, 2017

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Host: Angeline Roles

Guest: John Flanagan

Air date: Aug. 25, 2016


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Host: Angeline Roles

Guest: Celina Kirnberger

Air date: June 30, 2016


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Host: Coach

Guest: Angeline Roles

Air date: Oct. 29, 2015

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