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Environmental issues in Mongolia are discussed.

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Terri Potente, president of the Colorado chapter of AARP, joins the folks.

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The Guys are joined by Brie Castellini to talk tech and take your calls. Happy New Year!

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Another edition of Tech Guys on KAFM with technology news, views, and your calls.  Originally aired on Wednesday, December 18, 2013.

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Lori Gregor from the Arts and Culture Commission joins Mary and John in studio.

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Host Georgia Schmunk is joined by Dan Bean, Palisade Insectory Director

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Nathan Ward and Sam Bricker join host Chris Brown to chat about the Mike Rust documentary "Rider and the Wolf".

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Host Patti Hodd is joined by Sheryl Lucas of Crystal Books & Gifts to discuss surviving as a small bookseller in today's market of eReaders and tablets. 

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Dave Grossman talks to Annie Murphy, president of the Grand Mesa Nordic Council.

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