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Host: Coach

Guest: Patrick Ebel

Air date: Mar. 16, 2016

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Category:general -- posted at: 3:32pm MDT

Host: Chris Brown

Guest: Caleb Coffey

Air date: Mar. 15, 2016

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Category:Bicycle Radio -- posted at: 3:18pm MDT

Host: Kevin Van Gundy

Guests: Sherry Verdieck, Priscilla Mangnall

Air date: Mar. 15, 2016

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Category:Boomers & Beyond -- posted at: 3:11pm MDT

Host: Steve Newsom

Guest: Brian Ahlberg

Air date: Mar. 14, 2016

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Category:Be Safe with KAFM -- posted at: 3:06pm MDT

Host: Katie Goddeyne

Guests: Thomas Orr, Melissa Salter

Air date: Mar. 10, 2016

Direct download: MCHD031016.mp3
Category:Mesa Co. Health Dept. -- posted at: 3:04pm MDT

Host: Leigh Fitch

Guest: Mary Speer

Air date: Mar. 14, 2016


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Category:Crimestoppers -- posted at: 11:00am MDT

Hosts: Sheri Ray, Doug Sorter

Guests: Bob Kretschman, Rusty Lloyd

Air date: Mar. 8, 2016


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Category:Connect the Dots -- posted at: 10:58am MDT

Host: Coach

Guest: Rosie Weyer

Air date: Mar. 7, 2016

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Hosts: John Anglim, Avery Glassman

Air date: Mar. 3, 2016

Direct download: SOTA030316.mp3
Category:State of the Arts -- posted at: 10:49am MDT

Host: Coach

Guest: David Rothman

Air date: Mar. 2, 2016

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