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John and Mary talk to Camille Silverman and Justin Nordine about First Fridays and Cultural Evetns.

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Judy McCart. Chinle Cactus Club and Garden events.

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Bicycle Love

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Jim Hale: An Alaskan Life of High Adventure

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John and Shery are joined by Father Scott Campbell.

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Doug Sorter is joined by Terri Jones from the March of Dimes and Patti Hoffman of Strive to duscuss their work with autism. 

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Bottle giveback benefits for Tamarisk Coalition and Grand Valley Trails Alliance

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Louis Goodman and Danny Sandoval discuss the Latino Chamber's inception, board elections, and membership.

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John Toolen and Jackson Trappett talk about the Tumacanbac Raptor trip and the Audubon monthly program.

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