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Host: Coach

Guest: Thomas Orr, epidemiologist

Air date: Mar. 12, 2015

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Host: Cameron Garcia

Guest: John McCammon

Air date: Mar. 11, 2015

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Hosts: Doug Sorter, Sheri Ray

Guests: Lindsay Keller (Imagination Library), Dani Martin (HopeWest)

Air date: March 10, 2015

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Host: Coach

Guests: Alyssa Hampson, Beth Brown

Air date: Mar. 4, 2015

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Hosts: Ramona Rae, Dulce Bell-Bulley

Guest: Carol Welch

Air date: Mar. 3, 2015

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Host: Coach

Guests: Mari McCarville, AnQi Yu

Air date: Mar. 2, 2015

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Hosts: Kristian Hartter, Monty Haltiner

Guest: Daniel Collins, Copper Club Brewing Co.

Air date: Mar. 2, 2015

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