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A conversation with Cathie Brian and host Joseph Rolley on emotional intelligence.

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Category:Vibrant Wellness -- posted at: 12:00pm MDT

Sara Colburn discusses her expedition to Grand Gulch, Utah, for Earthwatch.

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Category:Women Writing for (a) Change -- posted at: 12:30pm MDT

Ramona Rae discusses radical forgiveness and levels of vibrational consciousness with Dulce Bell-Bulley.

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Category:Kosmic Voices -- posted at: 5:30pm MDT

Rhonda Dunlap is joined by Stephanie from Veganics to discuss organic gardening.

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Category:Fresh Cafe -- posted at: 12:30pm MDT

Patti Hoff talks with local author, musician, and teacher Carroll Multo

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Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm MDT

Chris and Kristen welcome Tony Uriguen to the show.

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The Tech Guys answer your computer and personal electronics questions. Originally aired Wednesday, January 15, 2014.

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The Garden Genie welcomes Julie Kudson, Shannon Hatch, and Cara Kukaritis to the show.

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Category:Down to Earth -- posted at: 12:00pm MDT

Doug Sorter is joined by Strive's Sara Sharm and Teresa Coons of the Math and Science Center to discuss children's services.

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Category:Connect the Dots -- posted at: 12:30pm MDT

Environmental issues in Mongolia are discussed.

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Category:Sustainability Makes Sense -- posted at: 12:30pm MDT

Terri Potente, president of the Colorado chapter of AARP, joins the folks.

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Category:Senior Matters -- posted at: 12:30pm MDT

The Guys are joined by Brie Castellini to talk tech and take your calls. Happy New Year!

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