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Host: Avery Glassman

Guest: Paige Slaughter

Air date: Mar. 31, 2016

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Category:State of the Arts -- posted at: 1:48pm MDT

Host: Coach

Guest: Becky Hobart

Air date: Mar. 31, 2016

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Host: Coach

Guest: Angeline Roles

Air date: Mar. 31, 2016

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Category:MC Dept. of Human Services -- posted at: 1:43pm MDT

Host: Coach

Guest: Linda Gann

Air date: Mar. 30, 2016


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Category:Connect 4 Health Colorado -- posted at: 1:40pm MDT

Host: Callie Varra

Guest: Theresa Yoder

Air date: Mar. 28, 2016

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Host: Coach

Guest: Mike Porras

Air Date: Mar. 28, 2016

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Host: Rhonda Dunlap

Guest: Dr. Brooke Goldner

Air date: Mar. 23, 2016


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Hosts: Joseph Rolley, Dr. April Goggins

Guests: Terry Talbot, Kim St. Germain

Air date: March 23, 2016

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