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The Podcasts

Hosts: Kaia Michaelis and Libbie Early

Guest: David Bailey

Date: 12/17/20

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Host: Priscilla Mangnall

Guest: Tom Logue

Date: 12/17/20

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Hots: Doug Sorter

Guests: Martha Graf and Cindy Wilms

Date: 12/16/20

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Host: Robin Brown

Guests: Steve Jozefzyck, Micah Adams and Mara Hardy

Date: 12/15/20

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Hosts:  Kayla Brown and Selena Gomez 

Guests: John Kelley and Stacy Mascarenas

Date: 12/14/20

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Host: Andrea Rosendberry - CLS

Guest: Robb Huff

Date: 12/14/20

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Host: Amanda Mayle

Guest: Jeff Kuhr

Date: 12/10/20

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