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Recorded: 7/21/21
Host: Kayla Holst
Guests: Tony Lee, Rick Root
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Recorded: 7/20/21
Host: Alex Forsett
Guests: N/A
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Recorded: 7/20/21
Host: Kayla Brown
Guests: Rhonda Leischuck
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Recorded: 7/20/21
Host: Kayla Brown
Guests: Shirleen Hutton
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Recorded: 7/15/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Ethan Jordan
Topic: July 2021
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Recorded: 7/15/21
Host: Kaia, Libbie
Guests: n/a
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Recorded: 7/15/21
Host: Amanda Fuoco
Guests: Michelle Trujillo, Anne Wenzel
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Recorded: 07/19/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Ben Bloodworth
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Recorded: 07/19/21
Host: Jennifer Richardson, Teresa Nees
Guests: David Miller
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Recorded: 07/19/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Cassidy Veach, Jaden Krueger
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