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Doug Sorter is joined by Parenting Place's Sarah Johnson and Randall Cupp from US Bank.

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Louis and Carrie Nelson join Coach to talk about Camp Hope for children, including the history of the camp and available scholarships.

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Gina Tallman returns to discuss year end tax tips for businesses and the ACA.

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Tonya Fink discusses how the program works and how to get involved.

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Veronica Harvey from the Mesa County Health Department shares tips and best practices for keeping food safe during the holiday season.

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Ramona Rae is joined by Vicky Thurlow, author, speaker, and consciousness teacher, talking about the benefits of gratitude.

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Rhonda Dunlap is joined by Chef AJ.

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Host Joseph Rolley is joined by Alice MCary.

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Coach and Gina Tallman from Chadwick, Steinkirchner, Davis & Co. discuss tax tips as 2013 comes to a close.

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Coach sits down with Phillip Arechiga to discuss Hilltop's Senior Daybreak program.

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