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Shirley Moore from GRID Alternatives talks with Coach about their program to help lower income homeowners to install solar panels, and a local presentation.

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Tim Ray, General Manager, talks with Coach about the current homestand, promotions, and Community Outreach.

Air date: July 10, 2014

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Guests: Becky Horbart, Sheri Ray

Air date: July 08, 2014

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Rhonda is joned by Heather and Adam Ford to discuss nutrition and fitness. Orignially aired June 25, 2014. 

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Attaining full human potential as demonstrated by Christ. Originially aired July 1, 2014.

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Guest: Dr. Lepisto

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Plant Spirit Medicine 

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Guest: Richard Van Gytenbeek. Originally aired June 9, 2014.

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Guest: Karn Lerad. Originially aired June 5, 2014.

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Ramona Rae and Dulce Bell-Bulley talk about the union of Spirit and Matter, Creativity and moving towards homo-luminous beings. 


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