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The Podcasts

Host:  Kevin Barclay and Katie Meyering

Guests: Hali Nurnberg and Sydney Elks

Date: 8/23/21

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Hosts: Kevin Barclay and Katie Meyering

Guest: Jennifer Daniels

Date: 8/23/21

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Host: Vickie Becoat

Guest: Kayla Holst

Date: 8/23/21

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Host: Coach

Guest: Jill Van Bussel

Date: 8/23/21

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Host: Coach

Guest: Derick Dickey

Date 8/19/21

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Host: Amanda Fuoco

Guests: Michelle Trujillo and Danae Derryberry

Date: 8/19/21

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Recorded: 08/19/2021
Host: Kaia Michealis Libbie Early
Guests: Vida Jaber
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Recorded: 08/17/2021
Host: Coach 
Guests: Charles Latshaw
Topic: Pre-Season 2021
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Host: Coach

Guest: Dixie Burmeister

Date: 8/16/21

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Host: Coach

Guest: Ethan Jordan

Date: 8/16/21

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Host: Kayla Holst and Vickie Becoat

Guest: Brian Porter

Fate: 8/16/21

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Host: Stefany Busch

Guest: Thomas Orr

Date: 8/12/21

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Host: Coach

Guests: Emily Shockley and Paul Cain

Date: 8/12/21

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Host: Priscilla Mangnall

Guest: Reford Theobold

Date: 8/12/21

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Host: Doug Sorter

Guests: Rusty Lloyd and Shelley Thiel

Date: 8/18/21

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Host: Alex Forsett

Date: 8/18/21

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Host: Sarah Brooks

Guest: Kathy Hall

Date: 8/11/21

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Host: Coach

Guest: Chris Herrman

Date: 8/11/21

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Hosts: Angeline Barrett and Kate Wiesenburger

Guests: Brian Adams and Montana Cohen

Date: 8/11/21

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Host: Wayne Smith

Guest: Dan Sharp, Dir Nutritional Svcs, SD 51

Date: 8/10/21

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Hosts: Katlin Birdsall and Kelsey Coleman

Guests: Dr Amy Bronson and Mo Lamee

Date: 8/10/21

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Host: Coach

Guest: Matt Johnson

Date: 8/9/21

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Host: Daniella Shively

Guest: Joe Garcia

Date: 8/9/21

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Host: Donna Morrall

Guest: Laura Mercier and Julie Morey

Fate: 8/4/21

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Host: Coach

Guest: Anna Cubal

Date: 8/4/21

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Host: Coach

Guest: Maggie Sanders

Date: 8/4/21

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Host: Coach

Guests: Travis Duncan and Bob Morris

Date 8/5/21

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Host : Mike Mansheim and Taylor Rubalcaba

Guest: Sergio Antillon

Date: 8/5/21

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Hosts:  Lee Borden and John Anglim

Guest: Gary Hauschulz

Date: 8/5/21

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