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Host: Coach

Guests: Kim Raff, Angela Christenson, Cindi Rhoads and Doug Simmons Jr.

Date: 7/29/21

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Host: Dixie Burmeister

Guests: Daisy, Gabriella, Ryan and Kyla

Date: 7/29/21

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Host: Coach

Guests: Chalane Coit and Jennifer Kirkland

Date: 7/29/21

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Recorded: 7/21/21
Host: Kayla Holst
Guests: Tony Lee, Rick Root
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Recorded: 7/20/21
Host: Alex Forsett
Guests: N/A
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Recorded: 7/20/21
Host: Kayla Brown
Guests: Rhonda Leischuck
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Recorded: 7/20/21
Host: Kayla Brown
Guests: Shirleen Hutton
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Recorded: 7/15/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Ethan Jordan
Topic: July 2021
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Recorded: 7/15/21
Host: Kaia, Libbie
Guests: n/a
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Recorded: 7/15/21
Host: Amanda Fuoco
Guests: Michelle Trujillo, Anne Wenzel
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Category:Mesa Co. DHS -- posted at: 3:05pm MDT

Recorded: 07/19/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Ben Bloodworth
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Category:RiversEdge West -- posted at: 11:42am MDT

Recorded: 07/19/21
Host: Jennifer Richardson, Teresa Nees
Guests: David Miller
Direct download: GoingGreen-071921.mp3
Category:Going Green -- posted at: 11:41am MDT

Recorded: 07/19/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Cassidy Veach, Jaden Krueger
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Recorded: 07/26/21
Host: Kayla Holst, Vickie Becoat
Guests: Dr. Emily Oien
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Recorded: 07/26/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Michael Smith
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Host: Sarah Brooks

Guest: Matt Darling

Date: 7/14/21

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Hosts: Ann Barrett and Kate Weissenburger

Guests: Andrea Lopez and Kathy Kimbrough

Date: 7/14/21

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Host: Wayne Smith

Guests: Tess Peterson and Tim Pinnow

Date: 7/13/21

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Hosts: Katlin Birdsall and Kelsey Coleman

Guests: Dr Kurt Haas and Austin Kaiser

Date: 7/13/21

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Recorded: 07/21/21
Host: Ramona Rae, Marcus Straub
Guests: n/a
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Category:Is It Fun Being You -- posted at: 3:32pm MDT

Recorded: 07/12/21
Host: Andrea Rosenberry
Guests: Brian Barns
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Category:The Legal Brief -- posted at: 5:58pm MDT

Recorded: 07/08/21
Host: Stefany Busch
Guests: Jeff Kuhr
Direct download: InGoodHealth-070821.mp3
Category:In Good Health -- posted at: 5:44pm MDT

Recorded: 07/01/21
Host: Robin Brown
Guests: Angela Padalecki
Direct download: BusinessMatters-070121.mp3
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Recorded: 07/01/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Cara Kukuraitis, John Leary
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Recorded: 07/08/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Emily Shockley
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Recorded: 07/08/21
Host: Priscilla Mangnall, Eileen O'Toole
Guests: Chris Brown
Direct download: OurGrandHistory-070821.mp3
Category:Our Grand History -- posted at: 12:55pm MDT

Recorded: 07/01/21
Host: John and Lee
Guests: Sarahndipity
Direct download: StateoftheArts-070121.mp3
Category:State of the Arts -- posted at: 3:25pm MDT

Recorded: 06/29/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Glen Sachet
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Category:GMUG Nat. Forest -- posted at: 3:14pm MDT

Recorded: 06/28/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Jennifer Richardson
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Recorded: 06/28/21
Host: Teresa Nees, Jenniger Richardson
Guests: Brant Harrison 
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Recorded: 06/28/21
Host: Alex Forsett
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