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Recorded: 04/19/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Randy Hampton
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Category:Colorado Parks & Wildlife -- posted at: 4:32pm MDT

Recorded: 04/19/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Christie Higgins 
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Category:Hilltop -- posted at: 4:23pm MDT

Recorded: 04/19/21
Host: Kayla Holst, Vickie Becoat
Guests: Tami Bunch
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Category:Vet Talk -- posted at: 4:07pm MDT

Recorded: 04/15/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Mick Ritter
Direct download: GJRockies-041521.mp3
Category:GJ Rockies Update -- posted at: 3:55pm MDT

Recorded: 04/15/21
Host: Libbie, Kaia
Guests: Rob Gaston
Direct download: MuseumMeetup-041521.mp3
Category:Museum Meet-Up -- posted at: 3:56pm MDT

Recorded: 04/15/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Emily Shockley
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Category:School District 51 -- posted at: 3:50pm MDT

Recorded: 04/15/21
Host: Amanda Fuoco
Guests: Joe Kellerby
Direct download: MesaCoDHS-041521.mp3
Category:Mesa Co. DHS -- posted at: 3:40pm MDT

Recorded: 04/14/21
Host: Sarah Brooks
Guests: Steve Jozefczyk, Chandler Smith
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Category:Mobile Mesa County -- posted at: 3:25pm MDT

Recorded: 04/14/21
Host: Angeline Barrett, Kate Weisenburger
Guests: Rob Breedan, Kenton Seth
Direct download: DigginTheGarden-041421.mp3
Category:Diggin` the Garden -- posted at: 5:46pm MDT

Recorded: 04/13/21
Host: Wayne Smith, Christine Feller
Guests: Kathleen Larson, Karla Klemm
Direct download: FoodFrisbee-041321.mp3
Category:Food Frisbee -- posted at: 4:45pm MDT

Recorded: 04/12/21
Host: Stefany Busch
Guests: Jeff Kuhr
Direct download: InGoodHealth-041221.mp3
Category:In Good Health -- posted at: 4:33pm MDT

Recorded: 04/12/21
Host: Veronica Stoddart
Guests: Katie
Direct download: PetParty-041221.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:23pm MDT

Recorded: 04/12/21
Host: Andrea Rosenberry, Aracely Gutierrez
Guests: Regina Rodriguez, David Monroe
Direct download: TheLegalBrief-041221.mp3
Category:The Legal Brief -- posted at: 4:13pm MDT

Recorded: 04/13/21
Host: Katlin Birdsall, David Ludlam
Guests: Dr. Aparna Palmer, Alisha Johnsson, Nichelle Chandler
Direct download: CMUNow-041321.mp3
Category:CMU Now -- posted at: 3:17pm MDT

Guests: Kate Porras and Janice Burtis

Guest: Jim Kaiser

Date: 4/14/21

Direct download: House_Talk_-041421.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:37pm MDT

Recorded: 04/05/21
Host: Jenne Baldwin-Eaton, Miranda Parcell
Guests: Cassidee Shall
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Category:Cork Dorks -- posted at: 3:58pm MDT

Recorded: 04/05/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Murphy Baker, Shawna Seals
Direct download: CMUTheater-040521.mp3
Category:CMU Theater -- posted at: 3:48pm MDT

Recorded: 04/05/21
Host: Coach, Elena
Guests: Chris Dieni
Direct download: FirkinFundraiser-040521.mp3
Category:Firkin Fundraiser -- posted at: 3:41pm MDT

Recorded: 04/05/21
Host: Priscilla Mangnall, Eileen O'Toole 
Guests: Troy Douglas
Direct download: OurGrandHistory-040521.mp3
Category:Our Grand History -- posted at: 3:33pm MDT

Recorded: 04/01/21
Host: Robin Brown
Guests: Sam Barnes, Mike Foster
Direct download: BusinessBeat-040121.mp3
Category:Business Beat -- posted at: 3:20pm MDT

Recorded: 04/01/21
Host: John Anglim, Lee Barden
Guests: Jeremy Franklin, Mo Lamee
Direct download: StateofTheArts-040121.mp3
Category:State of the Arts -- posted at: 3:02pm MDT

Recorded: 03/31/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Sarah Wood, Victor Bellavida, Dean Diario
Direct download: BusinessIncubator-033121.mp3
Category:Business Incubator -- posted at: 5:07pm MDT

Recorded: 03/31/21
Host: Kayla Brown, Selena Sanchez
Guests: Victor and Kodi Imondi
Direct download: FruitaRoots-033121.mp3
Category:Fruita Roots -- posted at: 4:24pm MDT

Recorded: 03/30/21
Host: Bennet Boeschenstein
Guests: Ian Roche
Direct download: GrandValleyOutdoors-033021.mp3
Category:GV Outdoors -- posted at: 4:10pm MDT

Recorded: 03/30/21
Host: Bennett Boeschenstein
Guests: Ken Sherbenou
Direct download: InsideCityHall-033021.mp3
Category:Inside City Hall -- posted at: 3:54pm MDT

Date: 4/6/21

Hosts: Ramona Rae and Marcus Straub

Direct download: Is_It_Fun_Being_You-040621.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:47pm MDT