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Recorded: 2/18/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Andrew Thomas, Jana Thomas, David Combs
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Recorded: 2/18/21
Host: Amanda Fuoco
Guests: Erica Biskupski
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Recorded: 2/17/21
Host: Douglas Sorter
Guests: David Combs, Sophia Gianfrancisco
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Recorded: 2/16/21
Host: Coach
Guests: Jim Pringle
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Recorded 2/11/21
Hosts: Priscilla Mangnall, Eileen O'Toole
Guest: Rob Davis
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Recorded: 2/16/21
Host: Kayla Holst, Vicke Becoat
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Recorded: 2/11/21
Host: Amanda Mayle
Guests: Savannah Herland
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Host: Coach
Guests: Emily Shockley, Paul Cain
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Host: Coach

Guests: Martha Graf, Callie Ash

Date: 02/08/21

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Host: Veronica Stoddart

Guest: Dr Mark Ryan

Date: 2/8/21

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Host: Andrea Rosenberry

Guests: Katie Bowman and Dawn Rubacabra

Date: 2/8/21

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Hosts: Kate Porras and Janice Burtis

Guest: Adam Lucas

Date: 2/10/21

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Host: Angeline Barrett

Guest: Lori Guillory - Mt Garfield Nursery

Date: 2/10/21

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Host: Rhonda Dunlop

Guest: Grace Elizabeth

Date: 2/4/21

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Host: John Anglim and Lee Borden

Guest: Linda Skinner

Date: 2/4/21

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Host: Donna Morrall

Guest: Curt Martin

Date: 2/3/21

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Host: Coash

Guest: Dan Johnson

Date: 2/3/21

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Host: Coach

Guest: Diana Barger

Date: 2/3/21

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Host: Ramona Rae and Dulce Bell-Bulley

Guest: Teddi Raichelin

Date: 2/2/21

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Host: Jenne Baldwin-Eaton and Amanda Purcell

Host: Scott Miller of Lil Ole Winemakers

Date: 2/1/21

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Host: Coach

Guest: Kent Brown, Priscilla Walker and Glenn Whitacre

Date: 2/1/21

Direct download: New_Dimensions-020121.mp3
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Host: Jennifer Richardson and Teresa Nees

Guest: Meridith Schrader = CSU Ext

Date: 2/1/21

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Host: Coach

Guests: Tracy Dvorak-Marshall and Jeremey Marshall

Date: 1/27/21

Direct download: Redlands_Lions_-012721.mp3
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Hosts: Selena Sanchez and Kayla Brown

Guests: Jon Blaha, Amy and Peyton

Date: 1/27/21

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Host: Robin Brown

Guest: Janet Rowland

Date: 1/26/21

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Host: Robin Brown

Guest: Pete Baier

Date: 1/25/21

Direct download: Business_Beat_-012521.mp3
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HosT: Coach

Guest: Anna Stout

Date: 1/25/21

Direct download: Royce_Hurst_-012521.mp3
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Host: Coach

Guest: Lori Gregor

Date: 1/25/21

Direct download: GJ_Parks_and_Rec-012521.mp3
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Host: Coach

Guests: Kelly Britton and Jessica Burford

Date: 1/25/21

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